Sep 28 2013

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Minions everywhere!

Had to share these photos.

Even though our children are well passed the age of cartoons – Roy and I still eagerly headed off to the Despicable Me 2 movie.

I just love the minions and had to try my hand at a card.

There are HEAPS of Minion cards out there that I chuckled over and drew inspiration from to come up my card.



This was quite a fiddly card to put together – especially the hair! But so worth it!

And then Beth did a Minion Cake decorating class last weekend – soooooo cool don’t you think!


 The Minion even has his own cake – a gorgeous layered creamed sponge cake!


And not only did he look fantastic – he was very tasty too!  Though very hard to cut.

My Super Six Stampers got to enjoy a piece on Monday.

2013_Sept_eaten minion_cake

He’s looking a bit worried about now!

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  1. Jackie

    Thanks Jule.
    Beth got the honour of first cut!
    Jax. 🙂

  2. Julie

    The Minion cards and cake look amazing! Would definitely been hard to make the first cut in Beth’s Minion cake!

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